Jetting & Rodding

Also sometimes referred to as High Pressure Water Jetting is a quick and cost effective way of solving many drain blockage problems. These machines are excellent for clearing fat or scale deposits on pipe runs, and tree roots growing through pipe walls. This said we still use the traditional drain rods and both approaches have their place in the modern working environment when it comes to dealing with blocked drains.

We will never force a customer to have the drains jetted just because it will be quicker or easier for us. There is a balance of course between the cost of jetting a blockage and the cost of clearing the blockage manually with rods as this may potentially take much longer than jetting. Some blockages may take much longer to clear by hand and so it would be more cost effective for the customer to have the blockage jetted. We make this clear to the customer and leave it up to them to decide which approach they would prefer. We will always offer our advice on which approach will be best- but the final decision is always left to you, the customer.

Some customers would rather have the convenience of jetting and know that the problem will be solved quickly and efficiently and that they can get back to their normal way of life quickly with minimum disruption. Others prefer the methodical approach and are quite happy for us to utilise rodding as a method of clearing the blockage. Rodding may take longer than jetting but if the blockage is easy to reach and is not complicated by large fat deposits, scale or tree roots then it is quite feasible.

As you can see both approaches have their place and as with everything in life you often have to use all the available methods to get the job successfully completed.

Our operators are all trained and qualified in the use of High Pressure Water Jetting machines and are trained to the Water Jetting Association standards. This qualification ensures that the operator has received the necessary training and advice to ensure they operate the machine safely and efficiently and safeguard the health and safety of themselves and others around them. Health and Safety is a very important factor to consider when using High Pressure Water Jetting as a drain clearing medium.

You can rest assured that our operators have voluntarily attended training courses to improve their ability to safely operate the machine and that they are trained in the necessary Health and Safety aspects of this type of work. Call us to deal with your blockage.

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