Powerflushing Central Heating Systems

Power Flushing is a technique that enables old central heating systems to be flushed, thus removing the sludge and black oxide from the radiators and pipes. This means that the radiators will work better and so be more efficient at heating your rooms. Powerflushing is also good news for your boiler as it helps to keep your entire central heating system working trouble free and without the quite considerable quantities of sludge that can accumulate in even the smallest of heating systems your boiler will work better and be more efficient, a good thing for you and the environment. How does it work I hear you say- simple- we take a Power flushing pump and connect this to your heating system.     We then circulate the contaminated system water and drain it away.  We then add a chemical and and clean water and circulate this round, this helps to get all the sludge and particles into suspension within the system and pick up the sludge build up in the ends and middles of radiators. We then wash each radiator in turn round the house, cleansing each one of the sludge and also cleaning the pipes at the same time. We then work round the radiators again with clean water and then add a neutralising chemical to leave the system Ph neutral, or as neutral as your water supply is. Finally a good quality inhibitor is added to safeguard the system and to help prevent a further build up of corrosion, sludge and dirt. This is all a very time consuming process and if done properly an average 3 or 4 bedroom house should take an entire day to complete. Powerflushing  works very well indeed, is cost effective and is much cheaper than having some or all of your central heating system replaced or drastically overhauled.

If you have got one or more radiators with cold spots, particularly along the bottom, or you are always having to vent air from the system, then this is a sure sign of corrosion within the radiators and this needs to be addressed. It is possible to take radiators off the wall, flush them through with water outside and then refit them, but a good quantity of sludge and black oxide will remain in the pipework and the boiler and around the hot cylinder waterways. Powerflushing will give your old, tired or scaled up central heating system a new lease of life, ensuring that it runs better giving you more heat when you want it, but more importantly that the system runs more efficiently, saving money and the environment.

De-Scaling Combi Boilers

We are also able to de-scale combi boilers. This type of boiler is particularly susceptible to scaling up, particularly in hard water areas and a combi boiler should always be protected with some sort of scale reducing device, preferably a water softener. If your combi boiler is making kettling or boiling noises, or your hot water flow is reduced then you need to have the heat exchanger either replaced or have the boiler de-scaled. If there is a scale build up within the heat exchanger then there will be a noticeable drop in performance, ie the water flow will be reduced, it may not be noticeable at first, but when the heat exchanger is severely scaled up you will have virtually no water flow at all and the boiler will  become less efficient, costing you more money to run, and contributing to environment damage.

Our power flushing system is ideal for de-scaling combi boilers and we have achieved excellent results by de-scaling Combi?s and then fitting water softeners to protect the system, ensuring ongoing quality of performance and economic use.

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